One day of forced shutdown can equal
$20 million in losses.
Why risk it?


Get in front of cybersecurity attacks before they happen.

Keep your critical infrastructure secure from hackers and cyber threats.

Uptake's machine learning-generated alerts warn you of suspicious network traffic, unusual connections between devices and unexpected asset behavior. Improve your productivity, reliability and safety with a more secure environment.

Above estimate: based on Reuters news reports

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Identify security gaps. Then take preventive action.

Uptake's expert team equips you with actionable, data-driven recommendations.

Want to know your greatest vulnerabilities and weaknesses? Our security testers and researchers have deep expertise, including operational technology networks, assets and related technologies.

Below statistic: Gartner



25% of Identified Attacks in Enterprises Will Involve the Internet of Things by 2020.

What are you doing today to secure your future? Detect and respond to cybersecurity threats to keep your industrial infrastructure secure.

360-degree security visibility into critical environments.

360-degree security visibility into critical environments.

Get clear insight into all levels of attacks, from your operational and information technology to your physical spaces and assets.

24/7 insight to ever-changing threats.

24/7 insight to ever-changing threats.

Our machine learning adapts just as quickly as hackers do. Accurately detect threats and respond with effective counter measures.

Increased productivity, reliability and safety.

Increased productivity, reliability and safety.

Understand how to secure your operations to mitigate risk. Take the right steps to keep your data, customers and assets safe.

Real-time alerts and recommendations.

Real-time alerts and recommendations.

If your critical infrastructure gets targeted, be ready to take swift action. Our guidance is tailored to your business, network and assets.

Protect your most critical assets

Uptake's products solve industry's most pressing cybersecurity problems, making business more safe, secure and reliable.

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