A single flight can generate 40 terabytes of data every hour.
Are you using it all?

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You have mountains of data coming off your planes. We can help put it to use.

Our products use predictive analytics to create actionable insights and recommendations.

Uptake paints a clear picture with your aviation data. We turn information from your critical assets into money saved, repairs made faster and time managed better.

Above statistic: Forbes


Make sure your operational teams get the data-backed insights they need to
work efficiently.

Uptake's platform uses data science and machine learning to streamline the aviation ecosystem.

Predict the future.

Predict the future.

Improve your overall operations while proactively planning for potential airline disruptions.

Gain next-level insights.

Gain next-level insights.

Know exactly how many pounds of fuel you need. Get fuel analysis based on actual flight data.

Accelerate your maintenance.

Accelerate your maintenance.

Decrease aircraft turn time. Spend less time and money on maintenance by predicting asset breakdowns.

Run better than ever before.

Run better than ever before.

Improve your resource allocation. Optimize your workforce and better coordinate your employees.

Workforce Benefits

Airlines and manufacturers can unlock value through data.

Uptake delivers operational insights to stakeholders across the entire aviation ecosystem.

Flight Operations use data insights to manage pilot resources and all documentation related to flight operations.

Cabin Crew Operations ensure teams are properly staffed and have the right resources, saving time and money.

Production Planning and Control proactively plans and reports on airline operations.

Quality and Safety Management Systems send data to various groups to solve issues, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew.

Ground Operations analyze delays for root causes and prevention strategies, ensuring the right service above and below the wing.

Maintenance Teams efficiently manage the airworthiness of aircraft and keep them flying with minimum delays.

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Turn data into outcomes.

Uptake's products do more than solve aviation's most challenging problems. In an industry with razor-thin margins, they give our customers an edge by creating new opportunities that haven't existed before.

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