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Harvest actionable insights from data to drive more growth.

From seeds to combines, data powers a more connected, productive agriculture ecosystem where profits depend upon running efficiently.

Uptake helps agriculture companies unlock more value for growers and operations. We leverage key data sources to run predictive maintenance on machines, optimize supply chains and field workflows, and generate agronomic insights for input manufacturers.

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Downtime costs can skyrocket up to $540,000 per hour.

Data science and machine learning improve asset availability and uptime. Growers can better meet demand. Agronomic service providers can generate greater profits in tough commodity markets.

Increase profit and yield.

Increase profit and yield.

Reduce downtime during planting, spraying and harvesting. Flag equipment in need of repair and fix it before re-entering the field.

Make smarter decisions.

Make smarter decisions.

Take advantage of contextual weather insights and imagery data to better plan operations and forecast more accurate crop yield.

Harness all of your data.

Harness all of your data.

Eliminate the cost and complexity of combining data sets. Easily turn asset-specific data into revenue-generating opportunities.

Results & Outcomes

Improve productivity and output across your fields.

Increase the availability and utilization of assets. Forecast yield production earlier in the season while managing environmental and operational variability.

Optimized field operations.

Optimized field operations.

Understand field conditions before dispatching equipment and crews. Maximize asset efficiency by improving routes, fuel consumption and operator productivity.

Maximized uptime and yield.

Maximized uptime and yield.

Prevent unplanned downtime to keep assets up and running. Use predictive analytics to improve soil management, irrigation and harvesting for maximum output.

Mitigated risk.

Mitigated risk.

Predict environmental and biological issues - including extreme weather and disease - before they happen and develop proactive strategies to preserve your harvest.

Workforce Benefits

Empower your team to dig in deep and gain more ground.

Data-backed recommendations eliminate uncertainty and inform smarter, safer decisions.

Food Processing Plant Managers improve machine uptime and tractability on specialty crops while reducing waste.

Growers monitor fleets and predictive alerts that coordinate maintenance with equipment dealers, reducing downtime in growing season.

Equipment Owners analyze how farm assets are used and how operations can be improved, reducing fuel loss and enhancing longevity.

Precision Agriculture Product Managers efficiently deliver against roadmaps, using machine and imagery insights to add more grower value.

Original Equipment Manufacturers improve value for dealers and growers by delivering predictive maintenance insights that reduce machine downtime in the field.

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