Data Science

Data-backed decisions for smarter, faster

We were born for the data science age. We exist to build products that put predictive analytics and machine learning to work for your business.

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Get to outcomes, fast

Easily scale new intelligence across your business.

Data science has driven our business since day one.

Our models harness your existing data and incorporate new data sources that add value. We generate predictions and insights that help you run more efficiently.


minutes to deploy a data science model.


data science models deployed to production.


predictions per week for our customers.

At our core

Welcome to the next generation of industrial analytics.

We've built data science right into the core of our products. You don't need to start from scratch or figure it out on your own.

Data Quality

Data Quality

Filter out unnecessary noise from raw data so users can focus on the relevant information that matters most. Quality analytics comes from quality data.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

From detecting abnormal behavior to predicting future breakdowns, our engines use machine learning capabilities to recognize patterns in your historical data.

Insights and Actions

Insights and Actions

Understand how your workforce and fleets are performing and using resources. Our engines provide suggestions on how to improve safety, efficiency and speed.

Why Now?

Data science is shaping the future of business and industry.

Uptake capitalizes on today's influx of data, abundant sensors, unprecedented connectivity and cheaper computing costs.

We use data science to interpret massive amounts of information for improved business and operational decision-making. It requires a carefully balanced skill set that involves both hard sciences and technology-focused creativity.

Our team

We have some of the top data scientists in the world.

We help people in established industries empower their workforces to make confident decisions backed by analytics and insights.

Proprietary, Cutting-edge Technology

Proprietary, Cutting-edge Technology

We’ve built our platform from scratch to ensure end-to-end quality – from the very beginning of data ingestion all the way through to the user interface.

Top-tier Talent

Top-tier Talent

Our team is stacked. We’ve got experts who build top open source machine learning software, with diverse backgrounds ranging from law to physics and statistics.

Speed to Deployment

Speed to Deployment

Things change quickly. Uptake understands the need for speed and pace. We can get you up, running and benefiting from insights faster than anyone in the industry.

Leverage Learnings Across Industries

Leverage Learnings Across Industries

Our experience working with large-scale industrial challenges across diverse industries lets us apply our learnings to improve assets in new sectors.

Hands-on Expertise

Hands-on Expertise

We get our hands dirty by going into the field to study operations and work with industry experts. This firsthand knowledge empowers us to build models that work for your data.

Let’s put your data to work. See how Uptake’s data scientists can help you.

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