Join Uptake's Director of Mining, Ashutosh Agarwal and innovators across the mining industry as they dig deep on how technology is redefining the future of this centuries old business.

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Core Insights

Episode 01

Making Mining Cool Again

In our inaugural episode, we’re kicking off the series with Paul Lucey, a veteran in the mining industry with more than 25 years of experience leading tech and innovation initiatives. As the CEO of Project 412, Paul is bringing Autonomy to the mining industry. Paul is on the board of several technology companies that are enabling innovation in the mining industry.

Listen in as Paul and Ash discuss how mining can transform itself by breaking down the barriers and accelerating innovation.

Episode 02

Back to School: Academia Leading Industrial Transformation

In Episode 2 we’re speaking with Jef Caers, Professor of Geological Sciences and Director of the Stanford Center for Earth Resources Forecasting at Stanford University. Dr. Caers holds an MSc in Mining Engineering and Geophysics as well as a PhD in Engineering and has recently focused his research on quantifying uncertainty and risk in the exploration and exploitation of earth resources.

During this interview, Jef addresses the challenges with adopting new technologies in the exploration industry and how, despite these challenges, there is a tremendous willingness to drive innovative solutions.

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About the Host

Ashutosh Agarwal, “Ash” leads the mining business for Uptake. Prior to joining Uptake, Ash worked in the mining industry for 13 years where he led mining operations, designed and sold equipment and technology to the mining industry. He also developed predictive analytics solutions for Mining through his start-up Predicity that he founded while pursuing his masters from Stanford GSB.