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Shaping the future of construction.

The World Economic Forum explores how Uptake is building a better future for the construction industry by turning data into value.

Shaping the future of construction.

By working with construction companies to bring predictive analytics into existing business models and operations, Uptake is able to quickly solve complex challenges and unlock new opportunities.

Increased Equipment Productivity

Increased Equipment Productivity

Fleets can be deployed with greater efficiency, accurate performance monitoring and ongoing benchmarking - all fueling greater productivity and decreased downtime.
Predictive Insights Gained

Predictive Insights Gained

Companies can identify complex trends with machine learning, which can be used to forecast operational disruptions and plan for more efficient usage of resources like fuel.
New Revenue Streams Generated

New Revenue Streams Generated

Equipment manufacturers can turn mountains of data into actionable insights, resulting in better-informed decisions for developing new service offerings.

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