Rhode Island Public Transit Authority

Powering smarter cities and better public transit for citizens.

RIPTA's priority is to provide safe, reliable, cost-effective transit services to citizens. We're helping them achieve this goal with proactive maintenance and analysis of their bus fleet.

Powering smarter cities and better public transit for citizens.

Smart Cities are the future. Every leap starts with a deliberate step forward. Uptake is helping RIPTA bring its public transportation operations into the digital age to improve their maintenance schedules, optimize their parts inventory forecasting and reduce avoidable expenses - all leading to a better experience for workers and riders.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance

Take proactive measures in the moment to fix buses before they break down.
Smarter Scheduling

Smarter Scheduling

Perform only necessary maintenance to get mechanics working on what matters most.
Fleet Insights

Fleet Insights

Gain better visibility into bus operations and ongoing performance levels.

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