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Why Wind Turbines Underperform

By Alvaro Alesso, 10.27.2020


The 5 Levels of Analytics Excellence in Wind Power

By Ryan Blitstein, 04.03.2020

Asset Performance Management, Energy

How Uptake Saved $10M for the Largest Nuclear-Generating Site in the U.S.

By Uptake, 10.23.2018

Energy, Industrial AI

Natural gas is king, right? Maybe not.

By Sonny Garg, 07.16.2018


6 Predictions for Wind Energy in 2018

By Uptake, 12.13.2017

Energy, Industrial AI

How Planes, Trains, and Trucks Can Make Wind Smarter

By Ryan Blitstein, 08.01.2017


Designing the Future of Wind

By Uptake, 04.18.2017

Energy, Industrial AI

5 Ways That Wind Is Getting Big Data Wrong

By Sonny Garg, 04.06.2017

Energy, Industrial AI

How Wind Energy Gets to 300 Gigawatts by 2030

By Uptake, 03.12.2017