Why Uptake’s Data Science Culture Means Big Wins for Employees and Customers

Data science is the powerhouse technology that transforms data into strategic business insights. At Uptake, data science is core to what we do and has driven our business since day one. So what do our data scientists do, exactly, and who are some of the members of our all-star team?

Built In Chicago recently visited Uptake to do a deep-dive profile on our data science team, talking with four of our data scientists about why they love their work, the type of talent they look for in candidates when hiring, what the team’s culture is like, and some of the biggest challenges they’re tackling in their quest to turn messy industrial data into insights and predictions for our customers.

Building models and deriving insights from tidy, structured data is sometimes seen as the glamorous work of data science, but I don’t think it’s nearly as interesting as working on imperfect, real-world data and making it sing.

Stephanie Kirmer, Data Scientist

From helping companies understand how data science can yield actionable insights that drive value and business outcomes to writing code and building tools that make the most out of customers’ data, this profile provides a behind-the-scenes look at life as a data scientist at Uptake.

Read the full piece here: “Uptake’s Data Science Team Excels via Collaboration, Innovation and Openness.