What is the new industrial customer experience and why should OEMs care?

How industrial leaders are using AI to redefine the customer experience.

In addition to transforming businesses at a rapid rate, AI is also quickly changing what it means to be an industrial consumer. Today’s industrial consumers require a fundamentally new customer experience — one that is digital, connected and flexible. The early winners of the AI-enabled, digital age are using new data-driven technology to completely redefine the customer experience.

How AI helps OEMs compete in a digital, customer-centric world

Today, your brand is a sum of the experiences you deliver. Successful brands continue to find new ways to elevate the customer experience. In industry, OEMs are turning to AI to deliver the customized experiences their consumers are demanding.

There is a growing trend of customers wanting closer collaboration with OEMs. They’re interested in providing feedback on new product features and iterating on product design and quality. The good news is that technologies like AI are the great enabler for making vast amounts of data and connectivity actionable for both parties — customers can establish more meaningful relationships with brands, and brands can reach new levels of profitability.

AI has ushered in a new era of tighter, mutually beneficial relationships between suppliers, manufacturers and customers. It has also increased collaboration and value for each of those groups. It creates competitive points of differentiation for the brand, drives more profitable growth for the business and better satisfies the customer.

Defining a customer-focused digital strategy

In the same way that the customer is at the center of an OEM’s business strategy, the customer should also be placed at the center of its digital strategy. With every digital decision that manufacturers make, they should ask themselves: “How does this technology make me more connected to my customers? How can I now provide more value to them?”

When digital strategy starts with the customer in mind, the opportunities are endless. AI is delivering financial outcomes to OEMs by solving complex challenges across four key functional areas that fuel new industrial customer experiences: Channel growth, intelligent products, efficient operations and new business models.

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