Uptake Partners with the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to Accelerate the Benefits of Technology for Society

Industrial AI software company, Uptake, today announced it is partnering with the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution to maximize the benefits of technology for society.

The Center is a global hub of expertise, knowledge-sharing and collaboration that partners with governments, companies, civil society, and experts from around the world to co-design and pilot new approaches to policy and governance in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

A current World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer, Uptake’s work across industrial sectors like energy and manufacturing aligns with the Center’s focus on developing and implementing new ideas that unlock the potential of cutting edge technologies to transform society. Uptake’s mission is to help people and machines work better, smarter and safer. Its products deliver high-impact results for customers in the form of increased uptime of wind turbines, enhanced safety and reliability of public transit fleets, and reduced carbon emissions of locomotives, to name a few.

“In just over a year, the World Economic Forum Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution has started to close the gap between policy and emerging technologies, helping to ensure that our future is safe, ethical, sustainable and innovative,” said Brad Keywell, Uptake’s Co-founder and CEO. “Uptake is looking forward to partnering with the Center to deliver tangible impact on issues of consequence, not just convenience.”

Additionally, Uptake’s civic innovation and philanthropic arm, Uptake.org, operates with parallel ambitions to the Center’s. Uptake.org leverages the company’s own people, technology and expertise to help organizations use data to solve some of the world’s most challenging problems from human trafficking to animal poaching.

“We set up the Center to accelerate the positive impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution using human-centric design thinking,” said Murat Sonmez, Managing Director, Head of the Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. “Uptake’s mission to use data and technology for good aligns with our goals to drive meaningful impact. We look forward to them getting involved in our projects.”

Participation in the Center’s projects is reserved for governments, companies, start-ups, academic institutions, civil society, international organizations, and experts with the scale and ambition to shape the trajectory of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Other partners include Salesforce, Microsoft Corporation, Accenture, Deutsche Bank, SAP and more.

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