Uptake collaboration with ADX team to build an industrial data historian using ADX

Since Microsoft made the decision to stop development on Time Series Insights (TSI), Uptake has been working to replatform our flagship OT cloud data historian, Fusion, on Azure Data Explorer (ADX). The ADX team has worked with us every step of the way, and we have been able to help them in our own small way, too.

At Microsoft Ignite, ADX announced their new data trender interface “Kusto Trender”, available on GitHub. The trender provides ADX users a data exploration experience very familiar to users of TSI Explorer. The Uptake Fusion Team are proud to say that we participated with Microsoft in its development. The trender provides an out-of-the-box data schema and user experience for ADX application developers and users, that they can use as-is or extend/modify to meet their needs.

With the integration of the Kusto Trender, our Uptake Fusion product - an Azure-native OT data store - is now much farther along on our journey to being the full-featured cloud-native OT data historian that our customers need. Adopting ADX as our storage engine was a huge step forward in terms of performance, scale and data flexibility. This trender now allows us to provide the rich interactive data exploration capability historian users need.

Click here for more information about the Microsoft Ignite event.