Uptake Applauds U.S. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Initiative

We live in an era with boundless potential, where the power of AI and our ability to harness data allows us to solve problems of consequence.

The global AI race is accelerating. Nations at the forefront of innovation are launching federal programs that are focused on using AI to create a world that always works. In a world that always works, industries make new things possible, people are empowered to do their best work, and communities are safe and prosperous.

This holds especially true in the U.S. The new White House executive order on AI is the latest example of how nations are dedicating more resources for research and development with AI technology. While the executive order is a much-needed underscore — increasing access to high-priority federal data and models, allocating digital infrastructure for AI applications, improving workforce development, and promoting work with other nations — it doesn’t set aside specific monetary funds for AI research and development, like the nations of Britain, Canada, China, France and South Korea have already done. China in particular has committed to creating an AI industry worth $150 billion to its economy by 2030.

At Uptake, we believe in the power and promise of AI to make societies safer, more reliable and more productive. Through our work in bringing our AI to the heavy industries that build our world and keep it turning, we’re poised to help advance AI efforts both domestically and internationally.

Why does it all matter? While technology has long solved problems of convenience, it’s time for technology to solve problems of consequence — and it’s incumbent on AI leaders like us to make it happen.


We’re working alongside the U.S Army to increase the readiness of Bradley Fighting Vehicles — one of the most widely used military platforms — using Uptake’s industrial AI software. For years, the Bradley has played a critical role on the front lines of peacekeeping and defense.

Specifically, Asset IO, Uptake’s asset performance management (APM) application uses AI to analyze machine data at scale from Bradley Fighting Vehicles. Asset IO enables the U.S. Army to predict and prevent component failures, decrease the frequency of unscheduled maintenance, and improve the productivity and effectiveness of its repair operations.

By using Asset IO, the U.S. Army can make the best strategic decisions based on data and increase the safety of soldiers who are in the field.

To learn more about Uptake’s work with the U.S. Army, check out our press release.

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