To Disrupt Major Industry, You Have To Start On The Inside

To effectively impact the operation of industries most critical to the world economy, you have to collaborate.

To build a predictive analytics platform for the industrial internet, you can’t just build it, knock on the door of major companies and say, “Please use this.” You have to understand all of the data, all of the data sources, all of the business processes and idiosyncrasies that allow each industry to thrive. If you’re really on top of your game, you can understand the workflows underlying the operations of the given industry so that your predictive analytics can reach the right person at the right time. Then, and only then, do you build a solution that truly delivers huge impact.

See how Uptake Created $160,000 in Potential Value Per Locomotive Per Year for a Leading Class-1 Railroad

By building Uptake’s platform from the inside with leaders in each industry—from healthcare to insurance to locomotives to construction to manufacturing—our data science is shaped and informed by the most valuable and most important problems that can be solved with data analytics. By partnering with industry leaders, we validate the power of our product: a tested, proven platform, built from the inside, yet built with the speed and agility inherent to entrepreneurs who thrive on disruptive solutions.

This is the story of Uptake. This is our approach to solving some of the highest value problems in industry.

We started by partnering with Caterpillar, an iconic company and the world leader in so many of the industries that allow the world to develop and grow. The relationship enables Uptake to execute on its strategy—to disrupt from the inside—with one of the world’s best companies to solve high impact problems. Our solutions will be offered not only on Cat machines, but on machines of all brands. In the many other industries into which Uptake is being expanded, we are either working with, or seeking out, the best companies as our partners.

At Uptake, we move fast and with purpose. We build and execute, but we also dream and envision what might be, versus what is. We solve very hard problems with very unique technology that lets our partners and clients predict the future and eliminate problems before they happen. We like to think that we help our partners and clients be better at what they do best.

What Uptake does best is create answers. We make the technology and platforms and workflow integration and systems that provide answers. And we make them beautiful.