Leveraging the Strengths of Humans and Machines in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Today, we are at the center of some major advancements in technology. The biggest challenge that faces us all is this: How do we leverage the best of what machines do, but not leave behind the best of what human ingenuity and our collective genius supply?

Human skill is being augmented and reimagined by artificial intelligence. We are moving from automating business processes to to automating decisions. The competitive ground for increasing productivity is using data to improve how people and machines work together.

As we work in the world of bits and bytes, it is key to not forget about passion and purpose. As we do things that positively affect society, we must be ever more mindful and think about whether or not there could be any negative impact. If the answer is yes, how do we plan to lessen that impact?

The Fourth Industrial Revolution holds much promise for businesses, for industry and for society. But in order to unlock its full potential and create a world that always works, technology advancements must go beyond solving problems of convenience to solve problems of consequence.

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