How Uptake Saved $10M for the Largest Nuclear-Generating Site in the U.S.

We’ve all heard of digital transformation. But where does the rubber hit the road? Here’s the story of how Uptake's Industrial AI helped Palo Verde save millions of dollars by improving asset performance and lowering maintenance costs.

Palo Verde is the largest nuclear-generating site in the U.S. It operates three of the top five biggest nuclear power plants in the country. Like most plants in the nuclear industry today, Palo Verde faces a few critical business challenges: flat demand, rising penetration of renewable energy sources and increasing market pressure due to lower power prices.

POWER Magazine recently featured the story of how Uptake digitally transformed Palo Verde’s industrial operations by implementing a more cost-effective maintenance strategy across its facilities. Here’s a snapshot of the key business and financial outcomes Palo Verde achieved using Uptake’s Industrial AI:

  • Realized $10 million in annual cost savings, representing a 20 percent cost reduction.
  • Reduced the number of annual working hours spent on preventive and corrective maintenance by 37 percent.
  • Increased its overall capacity factor and set new record levels of power production.
  • Improved its operational safety by eliminating unneeded maintenance, reducing workers’ exposure to radiation by 57 percent.

John Langskov, Section Leader of PM Programs, had this to say about Uptake: “Running the largest nuclear-generating station in the U.S. can be challenging from a maintenance perspective. The defining characteristic of this product is it gives me a way to evaluate the change in my costs moving forward, based on the change of the PM strategies that I’m looking at implementing. This is something you can’t get with any other product. No other product I’ve ever seen in the industry can even come close.”

Palo Verde even won an industry Uptime Award™ for its use case. Hear more from John in this video:

Get the case study below to learn how Palo Verde uses Uptake's Industrial AI to improve the performance of its assets, lower its maintenance costs and ensure the safety of its operations.