How Suncor Energy Increased Equipment Reliability and Lowered Maintenance Costs with Industrial AI

Learn how this global integrated energy company cost-optimized its maintenance strategies for 600+ different pieces of machinery — in 50% less time and using 90% less resources than previous methods — with Uptake’s Asset IO application.

Today’s energy companies face the challenge of satisfying market demand for lower power prices. How can they best deliver?

It starts with running their operations as efficiently as possible and identifying effective ways to boost productivity. However, it cannot come at the expense of sacrificing safety or reliability.

This is the scenario that Suncor Energy set out to solve.

Industrial Energy Solutions Driven by AI: a Smarter Way to Do Maintenance

Suncor Energy is the largest integrated energy company in Canada. Its global operations span oil sands development and upgrading, offshore oil and gas production, petroleum refining, and retail and wholesale with its brand Petro-Canada.

In addition to responsibly developing petroleum resources, Suncor has grown a renewable energy portfolio that includes wind power, biofuels and solar.

Suncor sought to improve its operational performance by solving the complex task of implementing more consistent, cost-effective maintenance strategies across its diverse network of asset types.

Powering a Brighter Future for Energy with Industrial AI

Suncor relies on Uptake Asset IO to financially optimize its maintenance strategies while upholding the company’s commitments to safe, reliable operations. Uptake Asset IO equips Suncor with AI-driven recommendations that increase repair effectiveness, decrease maintenance costs, and improve asset uptime and reliability based on specific machine operating conditions.

Uptake Asset IO enabled Suncor to establish a more effective and consistent maintenance program. Our application helped Suncor perform risk analyses on several hundred pieces of machinery, and plan and prioritize its preventive maintenance schedules based on estimated risk and expected value impact.

Here are a few of the specific outcomes that Uptake Asset IO delivered to Suncor, all within the span of five months:

  • Optimized maintenance strategies for 600+ asset types.
  • Recommended 3,000+ preventive maintenance tasks with actionable execution guidelines.
  • Set KPIs for measuring repair effectiveness and program progression.
  • Accomplished the above in 50% less time and using 90% less resources than previous methods.

Uptake Asset IO helped improve the safety and reliability of Suncor’s operations while saving time, money and resources in the process. As a result, Suncor can spend more time executing on its mission: To be trusted stewards of valuable natural resources, and to deliver a healthy environment for today and tomorrow.

Want to know more about how Suncor increased the reliability of its equipment and lowered its maintenance costs with Uptake? Download the case study below.