How a Leading U.S. Equipment Dealer Saved Several Hundred Thousand Dollars Annually Using Uptake

The hype surrounding digital transformation continues to grow but some businesses are bypassing the hype to achieve a strategic advantage with new technology solutions that deliver real value to their customers.

A prominent U.S. equipment dealer completely reinvented its service operations by implementing a full-service workflow and service repair management system that enabled them to provide superior customer service.

This dealer was using 14 disparate systems to manage its customer service delivery, including everything from spreadsheets to Post-It Notes. How does a longstanding dealership modernize its systems while maintaining business continuity and avoiding workflow disruption?

By embracing the right digital technology that connects to existing data sources and works within the framework of the existing architecture.

For over 30 years, the dealership has delivered market-leading customer service and now, it will lead the industry into the future with the support of Uptake’s holistic, data science-informed service management solution, ServiceLink.


Built with dealers for dealers, ServiceLink solves industry-specific problems and delivers fast time-to-value. Using Uptake ServiceLink, the dealer was able to leverage powerful features that solved its pressing pain points. They were able to:

Increase customer satisfaction by simplifying communication.

  • Created custom notifications according to the dealer’s preferred communication channel (e.g., phone, email or text) to update the status of repairs.
  • Easily captured contextual inputs like complaints, causes and corrections.

Maximize technician efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Increased value-add, revenue-generating work with reduced data-entry time
  • Improved the accuracy of initial diagnoses and troubleshooting.
  • Sharpened the precision of service planning by informing technicians of likely assignments and recommended tasks to complete service successfully.

Reduce administrative burden.

  • Integrated all relevant data into one solution for a single source of truth.
  • Deployed intuitive scheduling to get the right person to the right job, faster.

Using ServiceLink, the dealer established a work order system that improved key processes throughout its workflow, delivering a clear understanding of how its services were performing and where they could be improved.

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