Our Forbes Cloud 100 Nod Isn't About Us, It's About Our Customers

Uptake was named today to the Forbes Cloud 100 for the second year in a row. Alongside the likes of Slack and Zoom, the list acknowledges the world's best cloud computing companies and up-and-comers for their leadership in one of tech's hottest areas.

While we’re always deeply grateful for an acknowledgment like this, we’re more excited about what it means for our customers. In fact, the nod is really more about them than it is about us.

The ranking evaluated factors like operating metrics and market leadership. Our success on those fronts is thanks to the thirst for innovation from our customers and their eagerness for digital advancement.

When industrial companies can effectively turn their data into actionable insight that prevents costly downtime, the result is a more productive global industry. Our customers are leading the charge in doing exactly that. And when global industry is chugging along productively, it contributes to an economy that also ticks along steadily.

Uptake and our customers are doing something big here, together.

Check out the full Cloud 100 list.