Data Science-Backed Weather Predictions Built for Industry

A forecast of “partly cloudy with a high of 65 degrees and 50 percent chance of rain” might tell you enough about the weather for the day, but it isn’t nearly precise enough for industrial machinery. For heavy assets to operate efficiently and safely, operators need more specific weather and climate forecasts.

The slightest difference in temperature can make a big difference in the safety or productivity of your business. Heavy machinery left exposed to harsh winter elements is subjected to more wear and tear. In the rail industry, extreme snow can slow route velocity and increase fuel consumption. In wind, turbine blade icing can reduce energy production up to 20%.

Using data science, our platform can more accurately predict intricate weather patterns and conditions. Smarter forecasts, rooted in data science can help the industrial world increase the uptime of assets and drive greater profits.

Download the report to see how winter affects industries across the globe and when winter will end this year.