Accelerate Analytics with Uptake and Microsoft: May 11th Webinar

Join data management experts from Uptake and Microsoft for a webinar at 8 am CST on Wednesday, May 11th. The briefing will cover how teams across process-intensive industries are using Uptake Fusion to improve operations and enterprise reporting.

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For reliability engineers and industrial data scientists in chemicals, oil, and gas, energy, manufacturing, and mining, the extraction of data from on-premise systems and database historians has one guarantee: data wrangling. That means that data scientists have less time to devote to more impactful analytics and exciting development opportunities.

But industrial teams can and should focus on initiatives that create value for their organization. They have the data for impact but lack the resources or time to see to it.

With Uptake Fusion’s support of Microsoft Azure Data Explorer, teams can now reduce data wrangling. And thanks to Azure Data Explorer’s capabilities for analyzing large volumes of data streaming, industrial teams have a clearer, less timely, and more expensive path to use cases in enterprise industrial intelligence.

Uptake Fusion
Uptake Fusion

After the webinar, attendees will walk away understanding:

  • How Uptake Fusion reduces data wrangling

  • The role of Azure Data Explorer in analyzing large volumes of data streaming

  • Using Uptake Fusion and Azure Data Explorer to turn data into valuable decisions

  • Three industry use cases with real-world applications

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