5 Things We're Looking Forward to at TMC '22

Uptake will be at next month's TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Orlando, March 7-10. In case you haven’t yet saved your spot, there are still tickets available.

We’ll be at Booth #941 on the exhibition floor. If you’d like to meet with us and talk through how your fleet can get more value out of its data, feel free to book some time with us here. We’ll be more than happy to chat.

I know I’m excited to get back out there, walk the floor, and see the way leaders in fleet maintenance and management have moved the industry forward. The theme of this year’s event — Electrifying Performance in Maintenance Management — comes at a time of disruption and innovation.

Fleet Management in a Disrupted Supply Chain

It’s no secret that fleet management has been hard hit by disruptions in the supply chain. Many shops, fleets, and providers could use a boost.

Vehicle production delays and higher used vehicle prices have placed more stress on carriers, who are already dealing with challenges to vehicle availability in a hot freight market. Fleet management is also still figuring out how they can best meet increasing delivery obligations amid shortages of drivers and technicians.

Used Class 8 vehicle prices are up 66% compared to last year. (Source: ACT Research)
Used Class 8 vehicle prices are up 66% compared to last year. (Source: ACT Research)

All the while, the move towards sustainability and fleets with net-zero carbon emissions is gaining steam. Many of the larger carriers have outlined their climate plans and pledged reductions. As alternative fuel assets including electric vehicles (EVs) come down the pike, maintenance and operations teams will have to make sure they’re ready to manage mixed fleets.

Into the Future at TMC '22

Fleets have shown time and again how they’re able to come up with innovative ways to tackle the issues of the day, including in the past couple of years.

With that said, here are 5 things I’m looking forward to during this year’s edition of TMC.

1. Networking with industry technology leaders and fleet professionals

TMC brings together the leaders in innovation in the transportation and logistics industry — from technology providers and suppliers to tire manufacturers and, of course, fleet managers and technicians from carriers. You get months of learning about trends in the industry jam-packed into just a few days.

2. The path of maintenance and operations in the energy transition

In the transition from diesel to hybrid vehicles and EVs, fleets will have to make sure they have their bases covered. The charging and maintenance infrastructure, while not yet mature enough to support widespread EV adoption, will need to be considered in relation to more traditional repair and parts networks that fleets have for diesel today.

There is precedence for the transition in maintenance and operations. To truly electrify fleets, fleets may look to their history with other alternative fuel vehicles to bring the total cost of ownership under control.

3. Standards for advanced driver assistance systems and the autonomous future

TMC is partnering with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the industry to revise recommendations for standards and nomenclature with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS).

As the industry introduces more automated and assisted driving systems into their fleets to improve safety, the consistency of terms will help accelerate adoption by drivers in new medium and heavy-duty vehicles.

4. Impact of emerging technologies

Fleet management has seen many new technologies emerge in the past years — augmented reality (AR) for diesel technicians, collision mitigation, trailer tracking, autonomous vehicles.

With that hype also comes caution and, in some cases, doubt about how they improve operations for fleet management. It’s important to verify and validate the value of what your fleet has on its radar, or could have in the future. One good way to start that process is at shows like TMC, where initial conversations can clarify priorities on your roadmap.

5. Previewing and sharing solutions for fleet management

Between educational sessions, working groups, and visiting booths, trade shows like TMC also set expectations for fleet management in the coming year and beyond. I find there is less pressure in being sold something at a show, and more interest in how fleets are making use out of technology.

The focus is truly on best practices, where peers have advanced in their operations, and how fleets are creating value for their business and their customers.

Electrifying Performance in Maintenance Management

This year's TMC Annual should be an exciting glimpse into what comes next in fleet management and maintenance. We’ll look forward to seeing you in bright and sunny Orlando, March 7-10.

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Norman Thomas is a Business Consultant for fleet at Uptake and has been in the industry for over 30 years, working both for both trucking and transportation technology companies.