Machines don’t have to break.

Old approaches don’t cut it. AI gives new life to Asset Performance Management. Get OEM-agnostic insights for any machine, connected or not.

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Get more from your assets.

Your machines can tell you so much more. We make sense of what they’re trying to say. Know how to make your assets healthier and more productive. Know how to make your technicians more efficient.

Key Capabilities

Make unplanned downtime a thing of the past.

Work Order Integrity

Work Order Integrity

Work order data is incredibly valuable. But it’s underutilized. We mine this key data set, harvesting insights that lower your O&M costs.

Precision Insights

Precision Insights

We deliver asset-centric insights that solve your unique operational challenges. Our data science is driven by industrial subject matter expertise, drawn from billions of asset operating hours.

Virtual Testing

Virtual Testing

Why do it by hand when you don’t have to? Save time, money, and resources by diagnosing assets and performing maintenance tests digitally.

Asset Health Index

Asset Health Index

Gain a single source of truth of your assets’ health. Know the medical history of each machine and see who worked on what when.

Asset Strategy Library®

We know more about industrial assets than anyone in the world.

Our ASL® is the world’s largest knowledge base of assets, failure modes and maintenance strategies. We use it to help cost-optimize your maintenance without taking on more risk.

Get coverage on 800+ asset types.

Know the 58,000+ ways machines can fail and how to stop it from happening.

Call upon 32,000+ human working years of experience to make better decisions.

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